Reading Groups

IPN enables focused philosophy reading and research groups. The details of currently active groups are given below. Please get in touch with the respective moderators to join a specific group.

Metaethics Reading Group

Themes: moral epistemology, moral motivation, moral reasoning, moral judgement, moral normativity, moral realism/irrealism and history of metaethics

Moderators: Sushruth Ravish (PhD Student, IIT-Bombay) and Vivek Kumar Radhakrishnan (PhD Student, Manipal Academy of Higher Education)

Contacts:  sushruth.ravish[AT] or  vivek.logos[AT]

Realism/Anti-realism and Philosophy of Mind Reading Group

Themes: epistemological and metaphysical realism/anti-realism; scientific realism/anti-realism; Kantian transcendental idealism; epistemic humility; mind-body problem; mental causation; self-awareness.

Moderators: Siddharth S (Sai University, Chennai) and Nishant Kumar (PhD Scholar, IIT Madras)


Contacts:  siddharth.nias[AT] or nishant.iitmadras[AT]