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IPN Blog Guidelines

The blog at IPN is a platform for philosophers and others to write about philosophy in India and also to express philosophically informed opinions. 

What kind of articles are published in the IPN blog?


Philosophy for Society and Public – Articles that explore the questions and events of society from philosophical viewpoints.


Life of philosophy and philosophers in India – Articles that explore and document the experiences of philosophers and the nature of philosophy – as a discipline/practice/profession – in India. 

Academic Philosophy – Articles that introduce (either to fellow academicians or the public) a specific topic in Philosophy. We publish brief, accessible summaries by researchers about their latest publications for wider dissemination. The articles can also be reviews of philosophy books.

Who can write for the IPN blog?

Given the aim of the IPN blog is to enable a dialogue between philosophers and the public, we accept articles from both philosophers and the public. Philosophers who are not members of IPN, especially undergraduate and graduate philosophy students, can also submit. 


Kinds of submissions


  • Articles related to the above themes can be sent to the blog-editorial team. If you have a topic for an article in mind, and want to check its viability, you can also send the abstract.

  • Proposals for a series of articles can also be sent. In this case, please submit a concept note on the theme. 

Submission Guidelines


  • Please email abstract/article/series-proposal to

  • The suggested length of articles is around 1000 words.

  • While submitting the article, please share the document over google-doc. The article can also be submitted as a standalone docx file. 

  • The article can be in English or any of the vernacular languages. 

  • Please use Chicago Manual Style author-date in-line citations and end bibliography.

  • Use endnotes instead of footnotes. 

  • Please use Grammarly or other tools to remove spelling and grammar mistakes. 

  • We have a non-negotiable policy against plagiarism. 

Review process

  • The article will be reviewed by the editorial team and suitable comments will be provided

  • Wherever necessary, the editorial team will reach out to other scholars for their feedback and recommendation.

Editorial team

  • Manohar Kumar (Faculty, IIIT Delhi)

  • Sania Ismailee (PhD Scholar, IIT Delhi)

  • Siddharth S (Faculty, Sai University)

  • Sushruth Ravish (Faculty, IIT Kanpur)

  • Varun S Bhatta (Faculty, IISER Bhopal)

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