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IPN Lectures

Lectures and seminars in academic philosophy in India are  usually either introductions to specific topics or presentations of research carried out. There are few forums that discuss important questions about the 'doing' of philosophy itself, such as: How do we teach philosophy? How do we conceptualise and execute philosophy projects? How do we do research, write and publish our work? IPN Lectures aim to initiate conversation and deliberation on these dimensions of philosophy.

The first set of IPN Lectures focuses on the theme of writing and publishing in philosophy. These lectures would be aimed at addressing some common questions that philosophy researchers are likely to have, such as:

  • How do I prepare an article for submission to a peer-reviewed journal, and what can I expect from the peer-review process? 

  • Which academic journal should I publish in?

  • I have submitted/defended my thesis. How do I convert my thesis into a book?

  • There is an interesting and fertile idea that deserves discussion from various stakeholders in the debate. How do I propose and work on an edited volume on this topic?

  • I have an idea for a book. How do I build a book proposal, and approach publishers?

  • How do I write non-academic articles for the public, and where can I publish them?


Any queries regarding the lecture series on writing and publishing can be e-mailed to Sushruth Ravish ( and Siddharth S ( If you would like to take the lead on organising lectures on a particular theme, please send an email to

Upcoming and Past Lectures

IPN Lecture-2.jpg

Publishing in Analytic Philosophy 

Prof. Anand J Vaidya 

San Jose State University

11 March 2023 

Navigating Philosophy Journals: Steering Towards Acceptance

Prof. Mitch Green

University of Connecticut

Editor-in-chief, Philosophia

28 July 2023 

IPN workshop_10 Aug_Kranti Saran (1).jpg

Editing Philosophical Writing 

Prof. Kranti Saran 

Ashoka University

10 August 2023


Paper Incubator Grants in God and Consciousness in Indian Traditions

Prof. Ricardo Silvestre

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

4 Dec 2023 

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